Digital health transformation is not an option, but the imperative of every country


Digital health transformation is not an option, but the imperative of every country

(Podgorica, November 3, 2021) – The value and access of innovative medicines and the digital transformation of the healthcare system are two strategic pillars for the work of AmCham Montenegro Healthcare Committee, as well as the Ministry of Health of Montenegro. These are the key messages from the conference entitled „Digital Transformation of Healthcare in Montenegro – Sustainable Increasing Access to Innovation in Medicine”, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro (AmCham).

In her introductory address,
Ms. Svetlana Vuksanović, the president of AmCham Board of Governors, emphasized that work on these two strategic commitments resulted in this Conference, for which she believe that it will provide credible content, education and dialog  with the general and professional public. „We remind you that the healthcare system is constantly faced with numerous challenges caused by longer life expectancy, the increasing frequency of chronic diseases, as well as the new infectious diseases and pandemic may happen completely unexpectedly. All of this significantly increase the necessary for health care services and intervention, including medicines or the constant need for innovation. In order to have a system which will satisfy increasing needs, it is necessary to provide conditions for its resilience, through the evolution of legislation and strategic investments“, said Vuksanović.

Through the presentation „Evidence-based treeatment“, the Minister of Health, Dr. Jelena Borovinić Bojović, said that the essence of health digitalization is to speed up and simplify all process, to shorten waiting time, which also alleviates the pressure on the already burdened system. „Digital transformation is not an option, but the imperative of every state. We are building new solutions on digital infrastructure and services, which significantly accelerates implementation during the pandemic. The services themselves would not help us if they were not properly planned and implemented in the context of supporting users – health workers, citizens as well as key decision makers“, explained the Minister of Health. 

Dr. Borovinić Bojović thanked the American Chamber of Commerce which recognized the role and the importance of the Ministry of Health of Montenegro in the context of prosperity for the entire society in cooperation with the international partners.

„The American Chamber of Commerce is the most important bridge that connects the Government of Montenegro with renowned American and other international businessmen, which is the backbone of progress in all spheres of life with a focus on the health care system. Our relations will be strengthened, we hope for team work and joint projects in order to improve the health care systems, expand the range of services, all with the aim of improving the health of the entire population, she concluded.

Through the panels and discussions, the conference gardered a number of regional experts in the field of innovation in medicine who shared knowledge and experience, but also pointed out the best practice examples from countries in the region and Europe.